LOVE at the heart of service, as our guide, our core value, our foundation...a palpable and measurable pulse of our environment and culture.

Let's recognize the HEART and its Transformative Power and Presence to Restore True and Trustworthy CARE, Dignity, Well-Being, and Healing.

Heart First Medicine Academy is cultivating a new culture of care through a vision that leads with LOVE.  We are paving a new way forward to transform how we care and facilitate optimal health, emotional well-being, and inspire servant leadership.

  • Heart First Medicine Academy is an educational and empowerment platform and community that supports public health and safety promotion, life enrichment, health advocacy, and healthcare reform.
  • The academy advocates for the health, well-being, and SAFETY of healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.
  • The academy offers classes, courses, customized programs, and an inspired community with a "Wholeness" view of health and healing, resiliency, and personal & professional growth and empowerment.
  • Workshops, trainings, and programs provide opportunity for integrative and experiential learning through mindful, trauma-sensitive and heart-centered practices.


Let's create a path that leads to optimal health, healing, and fulfillment, and a sense of wonder, wholeness, and safety.


Get into the flow of life, be intentional with your time, energy, focus, and decisions supporting how you want to feel and live your life.

Heart Health

Open your heart to CARE... Enhance your self-care, inner well-being, personal resilience, and nurture peace of mind and heart.

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